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You have to start on the longer and harder way!

You have to start on the longer and harder way!

Imagine, I didn’t get millions from my parents, I didn’t inherit anything (fortunately), and ultimately I had to do everything myself, because there was no “entrepreneurial pattern” in front of me.

Maybe that’s why I can talk about this way credibly, because I am going to do this. Undoubtedly, this longer journey, which requires much more discipline, must be more persistent, and we need a dose of positive attitude to go even in the greatest trouble.

But what does this longer trip mean, in the middle of your 35-40 year-old, with a little luck you get to the start field where your companions started at the age of 20 with a home + some kp / business combo? I’ll take these in line, but it’s completely unnecessary to read it if you are hoping for an instant and painless solution…


Step 1 # “Finding Your Three Base Points”

It is totally unnecessary to talk about money until everything in your life changes, you can’t relax anywhere and you don’t have a secure base where you can “escape” if you have enough. Why three? Because you basically remember this and it’s almost impossible to go all three at once (it happened once with me, but the chance is really small).

So what are the three motifs in your life that will be happy and filled? What is it that can turn off? I currently have the following three points (these points may vary from time to time as our own preferences change):


Anything can be such a point. May be more specific, it may be more distant

For me, this is a typical triple model, because my work is basically my hobby and I feel absolutely good at all three base points. Regardless, there are times when I can’t do sports because of an accident or the work doesn’t come together – whatever I do, or I have problems with the family.

In this case, I always come to a point when I realize that the more I want to solve, the more I struggle, the worse the situation is. That’s why you need to stop and turn off one of the other two still operating base points. 1-1 tiny joy and complete mental refreshment (temporary forgetting of problems) can put your problem in a new perspective and help you solve it.

It is crucial to build this three-legged stability in your life, otherwise you will get deeper into the rabbit cavity…

# 2 is your passion

# 2 is your passion

It is no coincidence that there are basically two types of people who do not yet stay where they want:

  1. the resignant who is tired of hopelessness. He is the one who does not have the job of enjoying his hobby
  2. a hopeful believer who believes in a more beautiful future. He is the one whose work is his hobby who is where he should be

Maybe a dogma is tricky, but it is true: your work can only be done with passion and good results. And for that you need to love what you do. It will definitely not work to feel your work as a constant spiritual burden, which is why you are unable to see the possibilities in it, you are unable to perform it in a high level.

More and more people are doing it after finding their own passion for work, setting up their own business and, as a freelancer, earning their multiple pay. Instead of producing money for others, they change their own passion and knowledge!

Isn’t everyone the business? I think this thesis is no longer in place at an age to find a freelancer online assistant, bus driver, or even a writer. In virtually every area, which requires expertise and / or creativity, self-sufficiency, you can start your own business, provided that we look forward to passion and difficult times as we trust ourselves.


# 3 Steps to Continuous Development

I slowly got into an annual debate with one of my best friends. We are both followers of continuous development and learning, but we both imagine it in another way. He is a supporter of higher education (master) in an organized system, even though I am a supporter of self-education.

Why not higher education?

Of course, I am not a secret, but I think that in many areas we simply do not get an updated and fresh knowledge base that is needed for work, activity, and business. In addition, there is another problem with tuition fees, which amount to nearly half a million forints each year. This is a lot of money for a person we are talking about in the article (no heritage, no good looking… etc). In addition, daytime masters courses mean that you have to recoup your work, your monthly income decreases.

In English, we conserve our lives for the duration of our Master’s course, while we narrow our vision to the multidimensional staff world where the master’s diploma is still worth it.


Why self-education?

Luckily, in 2018, a number of online (and free) professional communities were created on Facebook, where you can consult with professionals. In addition, almost all information and the latest knowledge is available free of charge or in a paid form, so we can concentrate on a specific topic in a very short time. If this were not enough, we could consider the creation of our own business and / or professional blog as a form of self-training. We can do this with minimal investment, but with the promise of gaining experience points.


Step # 4 is to increase your monthly available wealth and conscious career development

In the introduction I have already indicated that you will be disappointed with the article if you are waiting for an instant solution from me, which will solve your shortcomings. Since you do not have a fundamentally material background like “envious friends”, you need to be more conscious and clever. You just can’t make a mistake, because in your case, you might have a light-hearted mistake or a “everything into vacation” years back to your plans.

Since you will never be able to buy real estate from none, you can start in three directions – first or second solution or mixing the two -.


You have to leave your own comfort zone

If you watched, you can see that it has not been a matter of the financial background of buying a home. However, we are constantly dealing with you both from a spiritual and a career perspective. The reason for this is that you start from a disadvantage, the first step of which is to decode and build your own financial culture and attitude to life. In fact, if this has been successful, you will be much easier to take over and you will have many opportunities to buy a property.

You should not take career building from now on in half-life and trust others. You have to get your fate in hand and occasionally initiate wage negotiations, look for promotional opportunities or change jobs. To do this, I recommend you the Payroll Calculator: How to negotiate better than our 99.99% of people? Article Guide.


# 5 Steps To Learn To Rate Zero

# 5 Steps To Learn To Rate Zero

The astonishing truth is that people living in financially modest circumstances are much less likely to appreciate zero than their wealthier counterparts. In the present case, the rate of return on investment and savings is metaphorically.

A few days ago, a client asked me if he put aside $ 12,000 for 15 years (paying $ 3.1M with 5% indexing), and that would be $ 4.3M, then this wouldn’t be much of a return? So he felt that this minimum deposit would give him a much higher return than an almost 50% increase. The reason for this is that you cannot appreciate “zero”.

As it does not manage its own money and the opportunities of the money market, it can only build on the yields of “extraordinary investments” in tabloid newspapers. This implies a “perceived legitimate” expectation that you would be entitled to “at least $ 6M” over a period of 15 years by investing safely and paying $ 12,000 a month.

In reality, we should rather be pleased that the need for savings has been born and is willing to put aside at least this. If 0% interest is paid, a 3.1M HUF deposit will be collected, which means that we earn more than spending this amount every month! We call this a necessary financial paradigm shift.

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Why students almost always have too little money. http://www.rpmlinux.org/why-students-almost-always-have-too-little-money/ http://www.rpmlinux.org/why-students-almost-always-have-too-little-money/#respond Thu, 30 May 2019 20:53:30 +0000 http://www.rpmlinux.org/why-students-almost-always-have-too-little-money/

In a few weeks, the winter semester starts – and for many young men and women begins the student life.

3 Issues that students underestimate in their financial planning again and again

3 Issues that students underestimate in their financial planning again and again

Anyone who is looking forward to the start in their first home or in the dorm should set up a financial plan at the latest and take a close look. Because: There are always issues that forget or underestimate students at the first planning. Life at the university and in the student city is not only tempting, but also many hidden costs that most people forget or do not really appreciate when planning.

Here are some of these often underestimated costs that you should know


So that not a few weeks after the start of the financial crisis breaks out and the first injection of funds from the parents is necessary:

Rent eats at least a third:

student cities are usually popular cities. People who come from a small town or a rural region and are looking for an apartment in the university city for the first time often experience a shock, just how high the price level is. According to calculations of the German Student Union at least one third of the student budget accounts for rent and utilities. Ascending trend. In popular and expensive cities like Hamburg, Munich or Cologne, students pay an average of 350 to 400 € per month for rent and utilities.

Teaching Material:

Depending on the subject, students may also need to spend more or less in order to finance the teaching material. On average, according to calculations by the German Student, up to € 65 per month for books etc. are due. But that can be significantly more in an individual case. At the beginning of the semester, many people realize that there are not enough copies of an essential standard work in the library. If the time pushes before the first retreats or chores, often more expensive textbooks must be purchased than planned. If you are skilled, you will need a reserve for this.

Even older students can run into the cost trap:

Anyone who takes their time studying can suddenly face financial problems even as an old hand. Many federal states collect fees for long-term students. If you need more than 12 semesters for your bachelor’s degree in Lower Saxony, you have to pay 500 € per semester. Those who need more time, for example because they have to work or have stayed abroad, should inform themselves about such long-term fees in good time in order to aim for a timely conclusion before it becomes expensive.

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Home Ownership – How Much You Can Save http://www.rpmlinux.org/home-ownership-how-much-you-can-save/ http://www.rpmlinux.org/home-ownership-how-much-you-can-save/#respond Wed, 29 May 2019 20:48:26 +0000 http://www.rpmlinux.org/home-ownership-how-much-you-can-save/

Your own four walls are supposed to be made and the financing you want to make as cheap as possible? With a tight cash or average income, it is often advisable to bring in own services to fulfill your dream home. The craftsmanship should not be overestimated! Skill and time have to be realistic scheduled in house construction and mortgage lending.

With what effort and with how much costs you have to expect, you will learn in our blog post today.

What builders can do on their own

home owner

Realistic home builders can realistically plan 20 hours of work per week on site. This own contribution can save up to 10% of the total construction costs . The craftwork is accepted by many banks as an alternative source of money and also called “muscle mortgage” . The amount that can be saved concretely varies from case to case. This depends, among other things, on your financing partner and the banks .

In the following section you can see which works are good to do alone . Realistically, the client can do no more than two-thirds of what a professional craftsman creates. For laymen are all manual work, which have a high wage share but low material costs feasible:

  • Wallpapering and painting work (saving of approx. 7,800 euros at 125 – 190 working hours)
  • Laying laminate, tiles and carpets (saving 1,700 – 3,900 euros at 40 – 90h)
  • Dry interior
  • Installation of room doors (at 20h working time about 1000 euros saving)
  • Loft conversion (with sufficient knowledge of insulation: savings of 4,100 – 5,300 euros in the insulation of slopes)
  • Masonry work can be done with a lot of time and expertise
  • Outdoor facilities such as paths, terrace and fences, garden (savings of 1,400 – 2,200 euros at 30 – 45h) create

Important: If there are delays in the construction due to unfinished work in-house , the client usually has to refinance costly and the money saved is quickly gone. Situations like these happen when trades build on each other . For this reason, you should prefer to use the specialist in house construction in some work.

Worth knowing for the builders

Worth knowing for the builders

If you, as a builder, become involved in building a house yourself, you are responsible for your own safety and that of your helpers . You must note the following:

  • Take protective measures
  • Protection of the construction site by the builder’s liability insurance
  • Registration of the helpers with the professional association of the construction industry (BG Bau)
  • Insurance for builders complete (the construction workers’ accident insurance Example calculation: 10 helpers x 50h = 500h, 500h x 2 € insurance rate = 1000 €)


Own achievements in building a house – observe and weigh risks

building a house

If you and your helpers cause defects due to your own work , you must be responsible for the consequences yourself. In addition, there is no guarantee for your own work. It is important to know that the own contribution can even make the warranty on construction sites to a niece, which were provided by a skilled craftsman. For example, the warranty of the electrician expires if additional sockets have been installed by the client . So first weigh up the risks that can arise from in-house services. For work that significantly affects the construction of the home, you should rather schedule the specialist .

Ultimately, builders who want to do much themselves have to expect a longer construction time , as professionals are faster at work than laymen. As a rule of thumb, the longer the construction time, the higher the costs . This is mainly due to the financial double burden caused by the payable rent and the running costs of building a house. You should also have the cost of materials as a builder in view and be familiar with the building materials, so that later does not need to be improved. In addition, a suitable tool must be purchased, in which private builders usually get no affordable discounts.

If you build yourself, the VPB – Association of Private Builders eV, advises in advance to seek advice from an independent expert . Even before the mortgage contract is signed, you should use your to review and list your own contribution quota. Subsequently, it can then be contractually recorded how much third-party and own contribution to the building of houses, since this can be later checked by an expert.

Whether self-service is worthwhile can thus be anticipated in advance. Because the more specialist knowledge you have as the client, the more you can save on building a house.

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Legal aid divorce – Tips to finance the separation http://www.rpmlinux.org/legal-aid-divorce-tips-to-finance-the-separation/ http://www.rpmlinux.org/legal-aid-divorce-tips-to-finance-the-separation/#respond Tue, 14 May 2019 21:07:05 +0000 http://www.rpmlinux.org/legal-aid-divorce-tips-to-finance-the-separation/ Many people avoid separation from their spouse for fear that divorce costs can not be funded. Those who can not shoulder this financial burden alone may be entitled to state legal aid for divorce. Depending on the income, either all costs for attorney and court are borne or repaid in the form of a loan.

Legal aid divorce conditions

Legal aid divorce conditions

Who is entitled to legal aid?

Who is entitled to legal aid?

In order to receive legal aid in the event of a divorce, there must be an income situation that the legislator defines as needy . This applies to social assistance recipients (beneficiaries of the job center) as well as to all people with a low income . Even those with a medium to good monthly income may benefit from legal aid in case of divorce. Anyone who has taken up high loans, for example, because the rates for a condominium must be repaid monthly, can make a request.

The need for an applicant for legal aid is not based on actual earnings, but on the amount of the so-called income to be used . The amount relevant for the divorce proceedings is calculated from the monthly income less any payment obligations and various allowances. In general, the chances of obtaining legal aid for a divorce are good. According to recent surveys, in at least 70 per cent of the cases, at least one party to the couple who wants to get separated receives legal aid.

Income of both parties
In order to apply for legal aid in case of divorce, the process must be sufficiently successful . It also checks whether it makes sense to apply for legal aid for divorce on the basis of income.

example 1 If one of the spouses has a significantly higher income than the other, the situation is as follows: The wife’s net income is 800 euros, her husband earns 2200 euros net. This gives the wife a claim for separation maintenance of 3/7 . At 2200 euros that is 600 euros, so that a total income of 1600 euros is present. If the woman has no large debts to pay off, she remains after deducting all liabilities and allowances enough, so they can claim no legal aid. Example 2 A woman draws a monthly salary of 1500 euros net per month, plus child benefit of 182 euros. The expenses for rent and additional costs amount to 700 euros. A claim for separation maintenance does not exist. The income of the woman with the child benefit amounts to 1684 euros, deducting from this the rent costs (700 euros) as well as the allowances for herself, her employment and the child (462 euros + 215 euros + 349 euros = 1026 euros) which is an income to be used of -42 euros. The husband earns 1,200 euros per month. After deducting rent, utilities, insurance and credit installments, he has nine euros to spend. Both parties are entitled to legal aid due to the negative or falling below the income threshold .

Process on costs
The advance on legal costs is the claim that a spouse has to the assumption of the legal costs of a divorce in the form of an advance . This process cost advance takes precedence over state legal aid. The right to a legal advance can only be claimed if the spouse who makes the claim is in need . In addition, the spouse used must be able to provide this benefit. In practice, the advance on legal costs usually fails because the spouse responsible for the maintenance himself is entitled to legal aid. In this case, the obligated party does not have to pay any legal costs advance.

If a spouse has a significantly higher monthly income than the other party, the lower-earning part has a maintenance claim. This maintenance claim is taken into account in the calculation of income . A spouse who is entitled to dependents can not renounce this. The maintenance waiver is only possible after the divorce became final. Before applying for legal aid, there is an obligation to enforce any maintenance claims. Legal aid can be provided if a maintenance claim has been made and provided, but the spouse refuses to pay. In this case, the maintenance claim is not included in the calculation.

When applying for legal aid, the existing assets are considered. Because there is an obligation to exploit this and to pay the costs of the divorce proceedings from this proceeds. This applies, for example, to investments , life insurance and savings accounts . The legislature requires a resolution here. Real estate that is leased must also be recovered. However, there are items that can not be consulted if legal aid is applied for in divorce.

Which includes:

  • Cash assets up to an amount of 2000 euros
  • A property that is inhabited by itself
  • Fortune used for vocational training
  • Fortune invested for adequate additional retirement

separation year
Legislation requires the divorce year to be completed before a divorce is filed. As a rule, divorce petitions are filed in court a few weeks before the end of the divestment year , as it takes some time for information to be obtained from individual care providers. If legal aid for divorce is already applied for, this is not possible. Reason is that legal aid can be granted at the earliest after the end of the year of separation. The year of separation is not the beginning of the divorce process, but the condition for filing for divorce. Only in special hardship cases, such as extreme physical violence against the spouse or common children, can the year of separation be eliminated or shortened.

Application and amount of legal aid

Application and amount of legal aid

How and where is legal aid applied for? [

Anyone wishing to apply for legal aid must submit the application to the competent family court . There is a special form for this purpose. The application for legal aid must be accompanied by proof in the form of copies of income . Also the regular expenses are to be proven, these include copy of the lease, debt repayment and proof of insurance . The application for legal aid in divorce is usually filed by the lawyer together with the divorce . All costs incurred by lawyer and court are assumed.

What is the legal aid?

There is no uniform claim to the amount of legal aid for divorce. The measure of neediness and the income that can be spent are taken as a basis. There is the possibility of a full cost bearing by the state. This occurs when the calculated income is less than 15 euros per month . If the calculated usable income is above this limit, legal aid is granted as a loan by the state. The amount may not exceed a period of 48 months. The rate is half of the income to be used . If the income is over 600 euros, the rate is 300 euros. This will be supplemented by the part of the income to be used, which exceeds the 600 euros. The income is calculated in several steps.

Step 1: Determine the monthly income
In addition to the monthly net income, regular incomes from renting or leasing, income from self-employment , for example from an ancillary business, child benefit, housing benefit, social benefits as well as pension and pension payments are counted as income . In the case of irregular income, the sum of all income in this division from the last calendar year is taken as the basis and divided by twelve. The procedure determines the monthly average. Separation maintenance is attributed to this income. Not included are earmarked services such as care allowance.

Step 2: Deduction of all running costs
The monthly expenses are included in the calculation of legal aid. Deductible costs include rent and utilities, expenses such as travel to work and insurance contributions such as life, liability or home insurance. Regular costs incurred for luxury goods such as yacht and hunting lodge are not deductible.

Step 3: Calculating allowances
Allowances can be claimed to ensure that not all the income is spent on divorce. It is permissible to deduct the following allowances from the income:

  • Free allowance of the applicant: 462 euros
  • Deduction at work: 215 euros
  • Maintenance paid to adult persons (child studying): 370 euros per person
  • Child allowance from 15 to 18 years: 349 euros per person
  • Child allowance between 7 and 14 years: 306 Euro per person
  • Child allowance up to 6 years: 268 Euro per person

Alternative financing options

Private guarantee

Private guarantee

If legal aid is refused despite limited financial resources, a private guarantee can be considered for a loan. Often help friends or family members as a guarantor, which has the disadvantage that the guarantee remains, even if it comes to a rift. If the debtor is then unable to pay, the guarantor is charged.

A mini loan for financing

A mini loan for financing

Attorney’s statements often flutter into the house at the wrong time. If there is a short-term financial shortage, a Stephen Dedalus mini-loan promises a quick remedy. If approved within one hour, the repayment of the installment loan can be customized.

Can further government grants be applied for?

In addition to the legal aid for divorce, there are no other government options to help those who are willing to divorce financially. Since a divorce is associated with a reboot, which is particularly difficult for the spouse who does not work, further assistance such as unemployment benefits, housing subsidy or maintenance advances can be claimed.

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Loan to Negative: Which is best for you? http://www.rpmlinux.org/loan-to-negative-which-is-best-for-you/ http://www.rpmlinux.org/loan-to-negative-which-is-best-for-you/#respond Tue, 23 Apr 2019 21:13:23 +0000 http://www.rpmlinux.org/loan-to-negative-which-is-best-for-you/

Debts arise when we do not pay some bills for lack of money. In this way, the delay each day will generate interest and more interest. After a while, it ends up becoming a snowball and the name becomes negative or restrictive .

Therefore, Good Financial will show you which loan is best for bad loans with better terms of payment.

How do I apply for a loan being denied?

How do I apply for a loan being denied?

The first thought after the decision to get out of the financial squeeze, is to ask for a loan so as to take out the debts and to have only one creditor: the bank. But unfortunately, due to the conditions imposed by personal loans, the process of applying for credit becomes almost impossible for the negatives.

In these loans, it is almost always necessary to carry out an analysis of credit protection agencies , such as SPC and Serasa. And when there is the release of credit for those who are restricted in the SPC / Serasa, it is likely that interest rates will be very high, which will make the process unfeasible.

Thinking of the difficulty of the negatives in applying for credit, Good Financial brought together the banks that make consignment loans . This is a specific credit modality for retirees, INSS pensioners and public servants.

In this type of contracting, the installments are discounted directly from the payroll and the deadlines are usually the best. Know the advantages of payroll and why it may be the best option for those who are in default in the market

Without consultation

The process of releasing the payroll loan does not perform the credit analysis , thus enabling the hiring by people who are under the restricted name.

In this way, the request for credit becomes simpler than you think, because only personal documents, the registration of your benefit and proof of address are required.

Low interest rate

Low interest rate

Payroll deductible loans have many rules to protect the applicant and the financial institution. One is that the maximum interest rate is stipulated by the Central Bank and reaches approximately 2.10% per month.

In view of other forms of personal credit, such as overdrafts or other loans, where monthly interest may exceed 20%, payroll-deductible loans have the lowest rate .

The justification for the lower rate is the lower chances of default, ie non-payment. Thus, as it is granted to retirees / pensioners and civil servants, the income of the applicant is fixed . Hence, these people do not run the risk of losing wages and benefits.

In addition, the value of the loan installments is discounted directly from the payroll . This way, you do not have to worry about due dates or even paying for tickets.

The best way to cleanse the name with payday loan is to exchange your expensive debts for a cheaper one . That is, you can add up the value of all the debts you want to pay off with high interest rates.

After making this survey, apply for the loan within the limit of your assignable margin, in the amount of your debts. Thus, you remove them in cash, you can negotiate good discounts, and you only have a portion with the institution with which you applied for the credit.

This way, you get your name clean, without multiple lenders and charges on your door or phone, and pay a loan with the lowest interest rates on the market .

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6 Signs You Should Spend More Money http://www.rpmlinux.org/6-signs-you-should-spend-more-money/ http://www.rpmlinux.org/6-signs-you-should-spend-more-money/#respond Thu, 18 Apr 2019 21:32:37 +0000 http://www.rpmlinux.org/6-signs-you-should-spend-more-money/

There is nothing wrong with saving money. In fact, you should save more than you spent and many people do not save enough. But if this is harmful to yourself or others, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Not sure if you are saving too much? If any of the following applies to you, the answer is probably yes.

1. Your look is not very nice

1. Your look is not very nice

There is no lack of research capable of proving that the old cliché is true: “Clothing makes man” (or woman). If your clothing is torn or worn TOO, you could certainly invest a little in your wardrobe, do you agree? However, no one is saying to go out there buying a Rolex, Armani suits or a Louis Vuitton handbag. Choose the timeless style that fits your profile – and your company’s dress code – that’s all you need. But remember, slightly more expensive clothes can last longer.

2. You “save” on your health plan

2. You "save" on your health plan

Health should come first in our lives, especially when our attendance at stations is constant. If that is your case, or still, if you care about your health, why not yet pay for a plan? After all, you never know when you may need an MRI or relatively simple surgery, in which with the plan you will be saving a lot more than failing to invest your money in your health for “economy”. Think about it.

3. You have no fun

3. You have no fun

Would you rather stay at home than spend money on a movie or bar? Or maybe you make the most of your Facebook socialization because it’s free? An American study found that using Facebook has led to a decline in overall life satisfaction. Many other studies have found that people who do not socialize are less happy than those who do.

This does not mean that you have to play at all the ballads and bars. It’s all about moderation – and persuade your friends that you do not need to make the most of the salary for fun.

4. You have an obsession with promotions

4. You have an obsession with promotions

There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of promotions, on the contrary. However, if you have long waited for the right offer to buy some much needed product for you or your home, or you can not resist buying any product on sale, even if you never use it in your life. Maybe you’re obsessive about saving money.

You see, if the item you need to have is expendable to you and such promotion never comes, why wait so long? But calmly, do not go out buying everything without first evaluating the discounts and the price differences in the market, much less go accumulating futilities for you just because they are with a precocious cool. What you should not do is wait 3 months for that cooker you want to get promoted so you buy … and in the meantime you spend eating out. It makes no sense.

5. You undertake projects that you

5. You undertake projects that you

So you’ve taken on a home improvement project, but you do not have the skills needed for it, taking months or even years to finish, or maybe you have not yet completed. If you completed the project, you probably saved a lot of money. But if the answer is no – or if the results were not as you expected, unfortunately, you may have lost money.

Adopting any project that is far beyond your capabilities will probably not save you money unless you have friends or skilled family members who can help.

What you save in cash, you will pay with time and the result probably will not be as good. Know when to pay to do this right. If you are married, your wife will also be grateful.

6. Do you take advantage of situations

6. Do you take advantage of situations

Do you use someone else’s Wi-Fi? Do you intentionally complain about your food in restaurants just to earn some discount or even not pay? Have you found a way to access cable TV service without the provider knowing?

Hopefully this is not you – because it’s a federal crime – but if you’re taking money from someone else’s pocket to save money, rethink their motivations. Winning at the expense of another person, even a large corporation, is not a victory.

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